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Since being featured on FOX News and the Dr. Oz show late last year, raspberry ketones have become the hot new organic supplement to include in any weight loss diet. Taking these ketones while observing normal dieting and exercise can help to accelerate the overall effect of the weight loss, while providing more natural energy to the dieter. But with so many offerings of ketones appearing on the market as grabs for cash, which is the best to actually help shed pounds off?

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The answer to this question has arrived in the form of Raspberry Ketone Plus, an all-in-one supplement pill that has been fortified with the exact scientifically recommended amount of ketone that your body needs to better lose weight. The first aspect to take notice of about the Ketone Plus formula is that is comprised of 100% raspberry ketones, something the other offerings on the market are not even close to providing. Be wary of the wording of “some” ketones mixed with other unknown components.

Ineffective copies are the main reason some individuals may be led to believe that the supplements do not work. Rest assured that taking Raspberry Ketone Plus, which offers the maximum required daily ketones, can be almost guaranteed to assist in burning weight off body and maintaining a goal weight once reached if used properly.

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The Proper Ketone Concentration

In order to ensure the dieter is taking the right amount of raspberry ketones to drop the desired pounds, the Raspberry Ketone Plus supplement has been specifically designed with this in mind.  These innovative supplements encompass every important ingredient you need to achieve better weight loss, instead of relying on the dieter to combine the ketones with other extracts in the right amounts. The proper amount of ketones to consume each day has been determined to be 200mg, which is achieved by taking one ketone pill at breakfast and then one at lunch.

Acai berry and African mango complement the special formula.  This includes enough Acai berry to meet the USDA studies of its effectiveness to be proven” by the USDA to possess “the highest antioxidant activity of any food reported to date” in their studies. This Brazil superstar also has fame as the one berry that destroys cancer cells in a University of Florida study. There is an 86% success rate in eliminating Leukemia cells from this wonder-food cites the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The African mango is known in studies to reduce blood pressure while inducing weight loss in a study by the Cameroon department of Biochemistry. The African mango also had its 15 mins on Dr. Oz who he gave the moniker, ‘Obesity Killer.’

Why Dr. Oz Promotes Irvingia Gabonensis, the African Mango Extract, on his show:

Continuing to explore alternative medicine on his show, Dr. Oz began his dialogue about Irvingia Gabonensis by featuring the breakthrough ingredient as part of a special segment where the good doctor proclaimed its nutrients to be one of the ‘three must-have vitamins’ for supporting weight loss (with the other two-of-three vitamins being Vitamin B and Vitamin E, complementary to the African Mango).

Dr. Oz further claims the biggest reason why Irvingia Gabonensis works is because it reduces the appetite by increasing the amount of leptin in the bloodstream. Leptin is the chemical used to signal to the brain that one is hungry or not hungry (whereas increased Leptin, without ingesting any calories, tells the brain that one is not hungry). This is where weight loss is achieved. Enter the Irvingia Plus Weight Loss Supplements for maximizing that reach.”                 

Irvingia: A Magic Pill? By Tanya Edwards, MD, M.Ed.

A ketone supplement helps to provide the body with natural energy by boosting the digestive health of a person, allowing the dieter to maintain energy levels with their lower intake of food. The ketone supplement also helps to curb the appetite, making it easier to maintain the chosen diet in a healthy program.

These are just bonus side features to the main attraction: Directly stimulating the body to drop weight. This is achieved by the secretion of the hormone adiponectin into the body, which stimulates the metabolism of the body targeting fat for energy production through lipolysis.

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Benefits of Choosing Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is made from 100% natural organic ingredients, providing no chance of negative chemical reactions from dieters that has been seen with synthetic blends or incorrect mixtures or dosages. There are also no hidden ingredients to adversely affect a diet, as the supplement is made only of ketones and other naturally beneficial extracts.

While there are a number of ketone options available, many are only marginally effective (if at all) when compared to the effectiveness shown in medical studies and reviews of Raspberry Ketone Plus.

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