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Methodology X by Dan Roberts
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What is Methodology X?

Methodology X is a progressive exercise program featuring exercise methods that can be easily practiced at home. You learn important training tips related to supramaximal interval training which teach comprehensive body functional movement patterns. Created by a well tenured & certified personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach, Dan Roberts, it features the same techniques which he has taught to other personal trainers, business leaders, hollywood actresses, professional athletes, bikini models, British royalty and fashion models.

The techniques taught in Methodology X are inspired from strength training, dance, pilates, martial arts and plyometrics. It spans over 21 days and takes you on a journey of discovering the athlete in you. You’ll be able to connect with the athlete inside you while creating a healthy, lean, firm and hot body for yourself. Dan has put in a lot of thought into this program and has ensured that everyone achieves maximum results within the shortest possible time.

The workouts are pretty layered and are aimed at toning up all the right places of your body. The program is being actively recommended by fitness experts, media professionals and happy customers throughout the world.

Not only does it serve as a training system, but also plays the role of an efficient guide. All exercises have their respective hows and whys.

Furthermore, the program can be easily followed by using a computer, laptop, tablet or a smart phone.

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Who is Dan Roberts?

Dan is widely recognized as one of the most reputed and well-known personal trainers in Europe. His international coaching career is spread over 20 long years. During this time he actively trained hollywood actors, Brazilian supermodels, Arabian Princess and professional athletes in the United States. He has also successfully competed in Lacrosse a, Muay Thai, tennis and Ultra marathons. Dan is an ardent fan of skiing and rock climbing too.

He founded a well-known fitness and well-being organization ( whose core values are educating and inspiring people throughout the world to start embracing the athletic life and fall in love with their bodies.

He’s also an active columnist for two of the reputed national fitness magazines. Apart from that, his fitness tips get regularly featured in international and national press.

Methodology X is for you if you:

–        Want to firm up your bottom, arms, inner thighs and abdomen.

–        Want to significantly reduce your hip size without having to change your daily diet.

–        Want to look and feel properly fit from this very moment on.

–        Want to strengthen your lower core and back.

–        Wish to develop your endurance, coordination and balance.

–        Want to learn and apply routines which are actively used by model fit people. All without the need of going to the gym.

Methodology X program contents

When you buy Methodology X program, you receive an instantly downloadable 70 page e-book full of images and links to online videos for all exercises. Apart from the Methodology X e-book, Dan is also offering two expert bonus reports on the topics of nutrition and yoga. The entire package makes an excellent deal for $39.95 that it is being currently offered at.

How is the program spaced and when will you start seeing results?

Each day of the Methodology X program will pose a new challenge. Day 1 will start off pretty easily. The exercises and techniques will get progressively harder with each passing day, and you’ll learn all sorts of new exercises.

You are expected to start feeling some positive changes in your body after the Day 4 or 5. After you are through with first two weeks, other people will also start noticing changes in your body. To tell you the truth, the first two weeks are all about preparation. They prepare you both mentally and physically for the rigors of week three. Week 3 is also referred to as “Methodology X World Tour” for the reasons you’ll understand best in the program itself!

In order to be able to properly follow and practice the exercise techniques detailed in Methodology X, you’ll require a stopwatch, a gym ball and the determination to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Methodology X Pros

You get a better physical appearance – By following Methodology X exactly as taught by Dan Roberts, you will achieve a lean and hot look. The program focuses excessively on reduction of waist and hip measurements, while toning and firming up your abdomen, inner thighs, bottom and the back of your arms.

You improve your body’s overall functionality – Moving your focus away from isolated muscles to overall movements, you improve your body balance, kinetic function and overall body coordination.

You get a new positive perspective to your life – Methodology X teaches you a holistic athleticism philosophy through which you will be able to improve your current relationship with your body. You’ll be able to view it more as an instrument rather than merely an ornament.

Methodology X is practical – The exercise routines featured in Methodology X can be followed anywhere. You don’t need to visit a gymnasium to follow this program. You’ll be able to learn some very unique exercises which will tone up all the important areas of your body and help you shed excess body fat. The idea is to make you think and function like an athlete.

You only need to give it 30 minutes per day – Methodology X teaches highly intensive exercises that are derived from HIIT, giant set training and pre-fatiguing protocols. You’ll be able to finish your daily exercise routine in as less as 30 minutes.

The program is fun – People who have already benefited from Methodology X claim that they greatly enjoy their daily routines and look forward to it every day.

The program is very interactive and can be used and followed easily – Methodology X is in the form of a multimedia e-book which can be accessed on any computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet PC. You can also participate and interact in the Methodology X online community on Twitter and Facebook.

You increase your energy levels and stamina tremendously – The third week of Methodology X program also referred to as “World Tour” challenges every user’s cardio system to the limit by using Supramaximal interval training. You can expect your stamina to skyrocket in this week as you’ll force your heart and lungs to adapt to the intensity of exercise routines.

Makes you strong without bulking you up – Methodology X program firms up and strengthens your body without making you bulk up. You’ll feel your lower back and core getting significantly strengthened and your muscles becoming more enduring.

Methodology X Cons

Honestly, I didn’t see any cons with this program. The only one which comes to my mind is perhaps that the program can be too stringent for people who are not used to exercising. As it requires you to get out of your comfort zone and transform your way of living, many people may find it difficult to practice.

Testimonials of Methodology X

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Is there any money back guarantee?

Methodology X program is priced at $39.95, which is very reasonable and excellent for the kind of results it delivers. Methodology X comes with a comprehensive 30 days money back guarantee. Dan Roberts assures you that if you diligently follow his program for 21 days and still don’t see the expected results, you can ask for your money back without any questions asked.

Where to buy Methodology X?

In order to ensure that you get the complete version of the product at the best possible price, you must buy Methodology X only from its official website.

Methodology X Review – Conclusion

All in all, considering the kind of techniques that are taught in the Methodology X program, along with comprehensive videos and images, this program is a must try. Furthermore, as it is quite economically priced and comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee, you got nothing to lose. It is receiving rave reviews from people of all backgrounds and age groups. I’ll give it a thumbs up!

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