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Girl Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Water is essential for your body to function, helps skin to stay looking young, and a range of other benefits, but there is also one special benefit many people don’t know about. The title is a slight spoiler for that build up, but water is great at helping you to lose weight! Below are a few reasons why increasing the amount of water you drink will also help you hit your weight loss targets.


Most people don’t drink enough water, so are continually in a state of slight dehydration. This has a number of undesired effects, such as poor skin quality, but can also have a significant impact on weight loss. While you are dehydrated you’ll:

  • Get hungrier
  • Workout less effectively

You become hungrier because your body tries to find a source of water by any means, even if this is in food. Water and the minerals in your body are very closely linked, which is why being dehydrated can cause your muscle problems is you are trying to workout.

Appetite Suppressant

Drinking water, and specifically cold water, is a great way to trick your stomach into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have. This trick works especially well if you are sipping on water while eating, but even if you drink throughout the day, it’ll help reduce your hunger levels.

If your appetite is suppressed you’ll find yourself being not as likely to crave sugary foods in between meal times, which is perfect if you’re trying to lose weight.

Replace High Calorie Drinks

This is clearly the biggest direct benefit of drinking water. You can’t really measure the calories in water, but effectively it has none. The value of ‘none’ is significantly lower than the high calorie drinks that are so common. Not only is this fewer calories, but it’s also less sugar, caffeine and artificial flavourings/colourings – all of which you are trying to avoid if you’re on a diet.

Filtered or Tap Water?

Both tap and filtered water have their benefits, which make the choice somewhat personal. Filtered water is significantly more expensive, but can increase the mineral content, while removing impurities. If you have high quality water in your area then there is likely no need, but if you live in an area with especially poor water it might be worth considering.

As far as weight loss in concerned it’s unlikely to matter which one you go for. Calcium is the best mineral for weight loss, and both types of water will contain some level of calcium, but likely not enough to really matter.

When to Drink Water?

The best way to incorporate water into your diet is to not do anything particular different. Just drink water whenever you would normally drink tea, or your drink of choice. Having a glass of water handy is going to stop you being dehydrated, while at the same time increase your weight loss.

It is important however to not drink too much water. Too much water depends on who you are, but you shouldn’t be drinking it at an obscene rate. Increased water content will dilute substances in your blood and may cause you severe health problems.

Final Thoughts

Water is potentially the biggest aid for someone trying to lose weight, that doesn’t already drink an adequate amount. The benefits stretch much further than just weight loss, which is another reason incorporate it into your diet!

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