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Slim Weight Patch Plus
Slim Weight Patch Plus

Healthy Eating

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This 11 year old has some pretty powerful questions that we should all be asking! The thing is, he doesn't just ask these questions......

Rip Esselstyn is an Austin firefighter who transformed the health and wellness of the entire Austin Fire Department through his Engine2Diet program, which is now...
Become Your Own Nutritionist
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Many people think they are experts when it comes to nutrition and healthy living, but in reality their knowledge of what they should...
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Explained

Whether we hear and speak of fats, we can only think of the negative effects they give to the body. There are always two...
Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind
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With the New Year now upon us, many of you are going to be starting to consider what you can be doing to take...
Why Most Diets Fail
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The majority of people who are introduced to dieting make the mistake of assuming that it is more of a chore rather than a...
Herbal Teas that will make you Healthier
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Herbal tea is a worldwide and tradition-based beverage that has been consumed for years. Although it is a pleasant and calming drink it has...
Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
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One of the most difficult things to do around the holiday season is
Prevent Breast Cancer Ribbon

Although there’s no one food that can cure breast cancer, there are many that can help prevent it. By providing your body with the...
Weight-Loss Rules
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Knowing how to lose weigh requires that you are also familiar with your body type....