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Home Calf Exercises
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What are your calf muscles and why should you exercise them? Your calf constitutes the upper half of the area below...
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Come New Year time and every Tom, Dick and Harry can be seen making fitness promises to himself/herself.
Boring cardio
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Break Away From the Boring and Ineffective Cardio Routines – Adopt These Methods to See Phenomenal Results! The Cardio Workout Fallacy It drives me nuts when...
Women: Weight Training Myths vs. Reality!
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Our society has always loved its women! Women can have the most symmetrical and beautiful bodies, which are firm and lean at the same...
Become Your Own Nutritionist
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Many people think they are experts when it comes to nutrition and healthy living, but in reality their knowledge of what they should...
Consistent Sleeping Pattern Results In Less Body Fat for Young Women
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Young women have more of a responsibility when it comes to taking care of their body. Their hormones tend to fluctuate more often which...
Methodology X by Dan Roberts
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What is Methodology X? Methodology X is a progressive exercise program featuring exercise methods that can be easily practiced at home. You...
tips to stay active during the day
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The question of whether diet or exercise is more influential over weight loss and health has been doing the rounds for decades now, and...
get more out of your Workout
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Just because you spend more hours working out each day it doesn’t mean that you are getting a better workout. In fact, the best...
Barriers To Workout and How to Overcome Them
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We know that we need to get fit and we know how to go about doing it; but there is always a ‘but’ that...